The perfect wardrobe (en)

(les frenchies, c’est par ici pour vous)

I’m a super emotional girl, the kind who can get really really excited with anything, if it pushes the right button.
Let me explain :

Have you heard about Eléonore Klein’s Wearability Project (founder of Deer and Doe) ? After she realized she wore only half her clothes and very few of which she actually sewed, she decided to go on a drastic process to optimize her wardrobe, aiming for a perfect mix of comfort and style. While thinking of how to clutter and better her closets, she designed an easy-to-follow process that I took on immediatly. There are 4 steps : Sort outAnalyzePlanWear (she’ll be displaying outfits on her blog)

Her post inspired me so much that it gave me the energy to empty my closets right away. I’ve been struggling for years with dressing properly, mostly because I’m so tiny and I just can’t find enough clothes that fit me nicely, and also because I have so many things that don’t match and look bad together. Reading Eleonore’s organized thoughts was the perfect leverage I needed to organize mine, and planning what I’d been thinking for a while without taking real action.

Sort out


I emptied my very full chest of drawers at once  (they were all threatening to collapse). After complaining for over 6 months that I didn’t have enough space, I was now the happy owner of nearly one empty drawer. I was kinder on my actual wardrobe (the one whith hangers, not to confuse anyone) since I wear 95% of my dresses. 😀
I sorted out three piles of clothes :
1 ) TRASH : most of these garments are the ones I looove. They’re just so worn out that it was really time to say goodbye. No pity no tears.
2 ) GIVE : there are so many pieces of clothes I never wear… for most of them, the reason is that they don’t fit properly my tiny body and I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them, a good amount were given by friends or family emptying their own closets and don’t match my style well enough, and then are left a few outdated pieces. All this will go to charity.
3 ) MAKE OVER/COPY : in this pile are clothes I looove but just never wear, wich means I should try to transform them in order to give them a second chance. Yeah, I don’t wanna be a clothes bully…


1 – After throwing away so many loved and worned out pieces of clothes, I realized what I liked the best were plain knit tops and dresses, those you can wear with anything. I like them fitted, but not too tight either. These will be COPIED.

2 – Better try and get quality than quantity, so I promise I’ll stop hill up friend’s and family’s left overs. I need to be more conscientious.

3 – I reached 25 this year, and I am now very familiar with my body shape. I know what suits me and what doesn’t. I want something ? Then I’ll SEW it  (I’m done buying clothes that don’t fit me properly just because I think I don’t have a choice, I do now : I can sew) About that, have you noticed the little women in the blog header ? These are actually me. I drew them from photographs last summer – thanx dad – and have been using them to draw clothes and store patterns ever since :

The Tiny Tailoress Silhouette

The Tiny Tailoress Silhouette


I’m not trying to bore you to death with this post, so let’s talk now about what I’ll be doing to get my perfect wardrobe and how it will impact the blog.

I decided to organize my sewing into 3 different categories. I don’t have specific quantitative goals, this is just a way to find a balance in what I create. (and occasionally buy)



Need – I have a cruel lack of basics… these will be mostly jersey knits.



Must — Here we have some challenge to take on. I want to be able to sew this kind of tricky garments. They are actually the type of clothes I have the worst time finding in shops because of my tiny size. (well except for the panties, my butt is the only body part with a regular size ^^)



Want — In this last category are the clothes I would love to sew and wear, those I dream about while falling asleep or hanging out on Pinterest. Here are a few sketches, but a there are dozens more, some of wich I already bought or drafted the pattern. If you read french and frenchie’s blogs, it might remind you of the couture CC de Clo’s, … She’s been working for a while on two kinds of sewing : CC – coup de coeur (crush) et BB – besoin de basiques (basics need). If you read french and this is interesting to you, look up her article on the subject !


In order to follow this plan with diligence and have a chance at reviving my wardrobe, I designed a grade system for upcoming projects. It will help me monitor my creations and put some spices into the blog. I had thought about doing something of this kind before, but until I really analyzed my wardrobe and organized my sewing, I wasn’t sure what it should display.

I haven’t named this cuty tool yet (any ideas ?), but this is what it will look like :

tech : technical progress and level of finish. To sum up, how proud I am ^^.
comfort : coziness,  good/right fabric, fit.
style : wearability according to TWP.
cost : money and time spent given the final result.

This heart grading tool will allow me 3 or 4 times a year to look back on my making and see what’s the average in each category. Hopefully it will help me improve my faults and accompany me into making durable and comfortable clothes.

Are your inspired with this Wearability Project ? (anyway, if you read it all THANK YOU, I love english but writing such a long article is tough on me !^^)
Des bisous

This is Eleonore Klein’s banner you can use

Next  : Some Deer and Doe !

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